How to avoid and stay safe from tech support phone scams

How to avoid and stay safe from tech support phone scams-Some time you may receive a call on your phone/mobile phone. The caller may claim to be a service expert or a tech. representative from a prestigious software/hardware company and may offer various type of help and solutions. Please note that the big corporations like Microsoft, Apple etc. do not have any arrangements to initiate unsolicited phone calls known as cold calls. In fact such calls are always made by cyber criminals because the cybercriminals don't just send fraudulent email messages and set up fake websites, but they might also call you on your telephone/mobile phone and claim to be from a reputed corporation like Microsoft or other one. They might offer to help solve your computer problems or sell you a software license which will be fake.
The Telephone Tech. Support
Microsoft provides this service free and he is asking money....?????

How the Telephone tech support scamers work

The cyber criminals often keep on swilling telephone directories published by telephone service providing companies. These directories are openly available so they may easily trace your name and other personal information to call you.

About operating system on your computer system they might even guess which operating system you're using. It is not very difficult guess because the use of an operating system is generally area specific. In a certain area Windows is popular, then most of the user will use windows in that particular area and the same way MAC or Linux may be more popular in another area. Thus it is not difficult for cybercriminals to guess the operating system.

The cybercriminals work in groups. Suppose one criminal claimed to be from windows and the person called is using MAC, thus the guess of one criminal failed but after a gap of certain period another criminal will call and claim to be from MAC.

What are the common activities of Telephone tech support scammers

·         They will claim to be Tech. expert and authorized representative of your service provider or some other reputed software vendor.
·         They will offer you services to solve your problems if any in the name of the reputed firm. This is nothing but a trick to gain your trust in them.
·         Once they've gained your trust, they might guide you to run harmful commands on your PC in the name of improvement.
·         Once they've gained your trust, they might ask for your user name and password.
·         They may ask you to go to a website (They claim it to be legitimate) and tell you to install a software claiming that the software  will let them access your computer to fix the problem. Once you do it, your computer and your personal information will be under their control.
·         They might charge you also to remove malicious software or other services.

Prominent names misused by Telephone Tech. Support scammers

The cybercriminals claim to be authorized representatives or service experts from any of the organizations like, Microsoft Tech Support, Windows Service Center, Windows Helpdesk, Microsoft Research and Development Team or Microsoft R & D Team, Windows Technical Department Support Group or many more.

How to protect yourself from telephone tech support scams

·         If you receive a phone call(Sometimes pop-up window on your PC) and you are not sure just call 1-800-426-9400 to contact the Microsoft Answer Desk
·         Microsoft or its partners/representative will never call you or charge for computer fixes.
·         Never involve in purchasing software or services other type of support.
·         Never let an unknown person to control your computer.
·         Note down the details of the caller and report the matter to law enforcement authorities.
·         Never provide your sensitive information like credit/debit card or other financial information related to your bank accounts 
·         If you have downloaded software(malware) on the advice of a phone tech support scam website or allowed an access to your computer to a cybercriminal, Change your computer's all passwords immediately and perform a full system scan with a reliable security software.

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