Why to prefer a Tablet instead of a Laptop

Why to prefer a Tablet instead of a Laptop-Tablet computer, or a tablet PC is a kind of mobile computer, usually having a touch screen or pen-enabled interface. It has almost all the features of a laptop. Tablet computer was Conceptualized in the mid-20th century but prototyped and developed in the last two decades of 20th  century. The tablet computers started to became more popular from the beginning of the year 2010. A tablets may include physical buttons such as speaker volume and power  and ports for network communications and power input to charge the battery. Some attractive features of a modern tablet which make people consider the tablet a better choice over a laptop -


Almost all the modern tablets are supplied with full wireless connectivity suit. A tablet supports all features like blue tooth, Wi-Fi, 3g etc.

Camera and Photography

Almost all the tablets have duel camera. You can use rear camera for photography and video shooting  and the front camera for video conferencing. In a laptop video conferencing may be convenient but photography and video shooting may be much more difficult due to its size and weight.

Space and storage

At present tablets with space and storage equal to a laptop are easily available and due to its size people prefer a tablet instead of a laptop.


Portability is the most attractive feature of a tablet. You can carry a tablet having functions equal to a laptop in the packet of your jacket.

Charging and power consumption

All the mobile depend on the battery for power which needs to be charged again and again. Power consumption of a tablet is less in comparison with a laptop and replacement of the battery also costs less. You can use power pack for power backup. USB charging facility is also available in modern laptops which eliminates problem of extra chargers.

Features Equal to tablet

Almost all the modern tablets have all the features and facilities of a laptop. You can install and run any windows program on a tablet. Features of windows are equal in a laptop and a tablet.

External Display

Though the screen of a tablet is smaller than a laptop but you can connect a tablet to a larger display with the help of High-Definition Multimedia Interface.


The modern tablets are compatible with almost all accessories like USB drive, key boards and other devices.


A tablet can be used in any orientation. You can use accelerometer for automatic screen orientation.

External Keyboard

Like a laptop you can easily use an external keyboard for high speed typing and data entry purpose.

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