TheTrojan Zlob -How it works and How to remove it

TheTrojan Zlob -How it works and How to remove it- The Zlob Trojan, is a Trojan horse which was first detected in by antivirus software vendors in 2005 and it was named by them as Trojan.Zlob, It drew attention of them in mid 2006 when computer infections were reported in a large number. This Trojan horse Masquerades itself as a needed video codec in the form of ActiveX. If you have a good antivirus software installed on your system, the chances of coming it to your PC are rare. This Trojan is very complicated and it is very difficult to remove it manually because it creates a large number of dll files and registry entries.

What The Zlob Trojan does in your computer

·                     Once installed, it starts displaying popup ads.
·                     The popups appear like real Microsoft Windows warnings.
·                     Most of the popups warn the user that his computer is infected with spyware.
·                     If the user clicks any of the popup, fake anti-spyware program like ‘Virus Heat’ or ‘MS Antivirus’ will automatically download on the user’s system.
·                     The  Trojan horse ‘Zlob’ will be hidden in ‘Virus Heat’ or ‘MS Antivirus’.
·                     The Trojan installs ‘atnvrsinstall.exe’ also.
·                     ‘atnvrsinstall.exe’ uses the original Windows Security shield icon to deceive users as if it is released by Microsoft.
·           This Trojan installs the Task Scheduler "zlberfker.exe" which can wreak havoc on computers and networks.
·                     One typical symptom is random computer crashes or reboots with random comments, caused by the programs Task Scheduler run by "zlberfker.exe."
·                     The Zlob Trojan might be a tool of the Russian Business Network or at least of Russian origin

How to remove The Trojan Horse Zlob

The Trojan horse Zlob creates a large number of dll files and registry entries, therefore If you are not completely aware of all the files and registry entries used by this rogue anti-spyware any attempts to remove Zlob.Fam manually may sometime lead to erroneous results and Automatic removal of Zlob.Fam is always good as compared to the manual removal. All the famous antivirus/antimalware software are capable of detecting and removing it. Therefore please download an updated reliable antivirus/antimalware software and perform a complete system scan which will kill it.

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