How to manually delete duplicate files in windows 7

How to manually delete duplicate files in windows 7-You might occasionally discover that there are identical or seemingly identical files on your computer Hard Drive. This usually happens if you save copies of the same file in different locations or different directories on your computer. Identical files waste storage capacity and make it difficult to manage your files in addition, since it's more difficult to find the version you want when several files have the same name. Though a number of free software are available on the web for this purpose but in windows 7 you can easily manage it manually. It is very important to ensure that the file you are going to remove is really a duplicate copy and you have the original copy of it on your Hard Drive. As an additional safety you can open the files and view before the final deletion -

1.            Go to Search, you can press Windows logo key+F on your key board.
2.            Type In the Search box, the name of the file which you suspect may has been saved more than once erroneously or otherwise on your hard disk, or has multiple copies.
3.            All files with the name given in the search box will be listed.

4.            Click ‘More Options’ as shown in the image. A new popup screen will appear as shown in the image.
5.            Click ‘Details’.
6.            Check File Extensions.
7.            When you find one or more files with matching File Extensions, compare their dates in the Date Modified column.
8.            If their dates are the same, the files are probably duplicates.
9.            You might want to open the files and compare their contents to be certain.
6.            Press CTRL and Select all the files with matching file names you suspect to be duplicate.
7.            press ‘Delete’.
8.            All duplicate copies will go to the recycle bin.
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  1. Very helpful! I use DuplicateFilesDeleter but this works too!

  2. 5 out of 5 stars for this only program Duplicate Files Deleter. Others are definitely not recommended.