Fake Anti virus “PC Fix Speed”-Causes, Actions and Removal.

Fake Anti virus “PC Fix Speed”-Causes, Actions and Removal- 
The fake antivirus PC Fix Speed is a program which claims to be developed to help you to fix the issues related to the speed of your PC. Like other fake Anti Virus program PC Fix Speed also claims that it is a very helpful tool. If you install the program on your PC erroneously or otherwise, you can’t remove it without the help of an anti malware/Antivirus software or until you buy the full version of it. I think now you have got the point, what the developers wanted all along. As the software PC Fix Speed itself is classified as rogue-antispyware hence the results provided by the program are not at all trustworthy. Though it comes bundled with other programs but a website pcficspeed.com is also there for direct download.

How PC Fix Speed comes to your Computer.

·         PC Fix Speed can be downloaded voluntarily from pcficspeed.com.
·         You could have acquired PC Fix Speed bundled with a freeware.
·         You could have acquired PC Fix Speed by opening a spam e-mail.
·         You could have acquired PC Fix Speed downloading an infected email attachment
·         You could have acquired PC Fix Speed by clicking on a fake advertisement.

Precautions against PC Fix Speed.

·         You should be careful while downloading free software.
·         Always avoid downloading unsafe files.
·         Never open unreliable pages even if you have an anti-malware tool.
·         Always choose custom/Advance installation and uncheck the boxes related to unwanted software.
·         Always download software from the official website of the developer.

What PC Fix Speed does in your Computer

·         PC Fix Speed gets installed on your computer automatically without your knowledge.
·         Once PC Fix Speed is installed on your computer it claims to have run a full system scan.
·         You will be notified that there are errors and issues with your PC.
·         You will never know whether it is true or imaginary information.
·         Even if your PC may be absolutely clean but PC Fix Speed will certainly find something wrong to show, to trick you into purchasing its full version.
·         Even if you purchase the full version of the product your computer performance will not change or improve at all.
·         The program may block your executable files. connect to the Internet without your permission.
·         It may slow down the Internet speed of your system.
·         It may display unwanted. Ads.
·         It may even cause to crash certain system programs.

How to delete PC Fix Speed from your computer,

If you don’t have advanced computer skills and you are incapable of working with Registry Editor never try to delete PC Fix Speed from your computer. Please download and install a reliable malware removal tool and perform a full System Scan. The malware removal tool will remove PC Fix Speed with all its components and insure further safety.

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