Fake Antivirus Windows Web Shield-Its actions, how to detect and remove it

Fake Antivirus Windows Web Shield-Its actions, how to detect and remove it-Windows Web Shield is totally fake antivirus and does nothing to your PC except infecting it like the fake defragmentor the system Fix claims to be a superior disk defragmenter but defragments nothing and Windows Web watch dog claims to be a very good security software but does not provide any security. In fact Windows Web Shield is nothing more than a tool to trick and instigate you to purchase the full version of the antivirus which actually does not exist. The rogue anti-spyware program imitates system scans to make you think that it can protect you against computer threats. It displays scan results which are simulated only to deceive you into activating the program, which you should never do. Its design and behavior are identical to the fake VirusDoctor family, which contains a number of identical programs.

What Windows Web Shield does if came into your Computer

·       Windows Web Shield disables your executable files, including Internet browsers, so that you cannot launch any computer security program.
·   Access to Registry Editor and Task Manager mostly used for manual removal of any application is disabled by Windows Web Shield.
·     Users think that these malfunctions are caused by the Trojan horses detected by Windows Web Shield.
·         It can make your computer unresponsive.
·     Do not think that your money spent on this useless application(In fact no software is there) will protect you against any spyware and malware in any way.
·     The main goal of the creators of this infection is to get your money, first at the time you purchase it and secondly using your sensitive information collected by them you provided in the bogus purchase application form.(They need you to reveal your credit card information and location information which goes directly to cyber criminals By filling in the purchase form.)

How to remove Windows Web Shield from your computer?

The best option to remove Windows Web Shield from your computer is to install a reliable antivirus/anti malware software. As the fake program may have disabled your Registry, Task manager, web browsers and may have made your computer unresponsive. Therefore to install anything or make any change to your computer, first you will have to activate the rogue program so that your computer starts running as if all the infections have been removed. To do so without spending any money, you can use any of the following registration keys –


Now your computer will start working  as if no virus/malware is there. Now you can scan your computer with a reliable antivirus/anti malware software and remove the culprit. The  reliable antivirus/anti malware software will also keep on protecting your system in future.

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