How to Remove Fake Anti Virus Windows Web WatchDog Causes Actions

How to Remove Fake Anti Virus Windows Web WatchDog Causes Actions-Windows WebWatchDog, the name appears as if it is providing protection to us when we are on the web. What a beautiful nomenclature using ‘Dog’ the most faithful animal of the world, but if you think that it is a computer security software and will save you against computer infections, you could be wrong because the software itself is a severe infection. This program will try to convince you displaying a list of non-existent computer infections, which according to them could not be detected by other high quality malcode protectors. If you notice such a thing, it is an alert to be sure that a malware like Windows WebWatchDog is present in your system and you have to remove it immediately and scan your PC with a quality antivirus for other possible infections, because fake Anti Viruses seldom come alone. Windows Web Watchdog is classified as fake antivirus program or rogue antispyware by experts.


How Windows Web WatchDog comes to your computer

1.    This rogue could be using various distribution methods to enter your computer.
2.    The rascal comes especially when you browse the Internet.
3.    By clicking an attachment to a malicious email.
4.    By clicking on a popup alert, even the cross to delete the pop-up alert may result in getting more pop-ups. In such case open the windows task manager by  Right clicking your task bar or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and close the unwanted popups.

What Windows Web WatchDog does to your computer

1.    Once it is installedon your PC, it displays a lot of fake security messages that informing you about non-existent infections in your system:
2.    The purpose of such notifications from Windows Web Watchdog is to convince you that your system is really full of such infections.
3.    This rascal will block and not allow you to open a number of websites.
4.    Mostly it does not allow you to open your Task Manager
5.    All the security notifications looks like legitimate but all are bogus.
6.    Windows Web Watchdog owners are very expert to create an impression that the system is really at high risk.
7.    When you click to remove the malware “detected” the rascal, Windows Web Watchdog will redirected to their purchase page and offer you a Lifetime Software License for 99.99 USD.

Precautions against Fake Anti Virus Windows Web Watchdog

·        Always remain extreme cautious while browsing the Internet
·        Don’t click on the popup alerts, even on the cross to delete the pop-up  as this may result in getting more pop-ups. Press control + alt + delete or right click the task bar open windows task manager and to view a list of programs currently running and delete the pop-up alert from the list of running programs.
·        Never pay any thing to them because by paying for a life time license of full version of Windows Web Watchdog, you will get nothing except revealing your credit card number or other important bank information to the cyber criminals.
·        This way they will be able to carry out illegal financial operations bit by bit to sweep your bank account clean.
·        Therefore instead of paying anything to the non-existing license, click the “I have serial key” button at the top right hand corner of the Windows Web Watchdog’s purchase page.
·        A box “Please enter registration code” will appear, please enter “hello” into the box and Click OK
·        Now the Windows Web Watchdog will be registered temporarily and all the infection symptoms will disappear for your current session.

Experts Opinion about Windows Web Watchdog

According to security experts, Windows Web Watchdog is totally fake and even it does not seem to be a complete program, as it contains only a single file. and the only reason why it is present in your computer is the money. This program will try to convince you that you have acquired multiple infections in your system and the only solution thereof is  to purchase the full version of the application.

How to remove Windows Web Watchdog from your computer.

To remove Windows Web Watchdog from your computer. Acquire a powerful computer security tool and run a full system scan to check whether Windows Web Watchdog has come alone or with a number of other malicious infections on your Machine.  If you have the Norton internet security or other Norton product, click ”do you think there are still risks click here” after the full system scan, download Norton Power Eraser and follow the instructions Then delete the rogue along with other dangerous files, making sure that your computer will be fully protected from other similar threats in the future



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