How to Create Extra Blog Pages in Excess to 20 Pages In Blogger Blog

How to Create Extra Blog Pages in Excess to 20 Pages In Blogger Blog-By default Google allows us to create up to 20 static pages and while we try to create the 21st page we receive an error message that we have already created 20 pages. Here I am discussing a trick to create a pages over the limit of 20 i.e. extra pages. Expert bloggers already know this but it may prove helpful to new bloggers. While you attempt to create your 21st page you will receive a message like this-

This issue can be easily resolved.

Open the list of pages and click ‘Edit’ to open any of the pages in edit mode. Now the page will appear and the page link will be displayed in the URL like this containing your blogger ID and page ID.

Now copy the URL, paste and save it carefully in an MS word, Word Pad or Note Pad document, because you will need it again.

Now go to the page list and delete this page of which you have copied the URL. You need not to worry because you will not loss this page and get it back soon. 

Here you need to be very careful and delete the same page of which you have copied the URL. If you save the URL of a different page and delete the different page you will not be able to retrieve the real page you want. Therefore go to the page option and delete the page very carefully.

Now there are only 19 pages left on your blog and you can still create one more blog page, now you create one more page as usual and after creating this page, you wpll have 20 pages on your blog.

Now we have to retrieve the deleted page which we can easily retrieve by following these easy steps-

Open a new Tab on browser and past the URL of that deleted page which you have copied earlier and saved carefully. Now your deleted page will appear on the screen. Simply click on publish and that’s all. Now you are having 21 static pages on your blog.

Repeating this process you can create more pages, but please note that if you want to create a new page and you already have 22 pages created using this trick, you will have to delete 3 pages one by one and copy and save the URLs carefully as mentioned above. Then retrieve the deleted pages one by one as narrated above.


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  1. The article is very good and informative but in my view twenty pages are quite enough for a blogger.