Browser Hijacking Virus, It’s Actions and Removal

Browser Hijacking Virus, It’s Actions and Removal- As it is clear from it’s name it self, the browser hijacking computer virus is developed by vietnamees computer professionals. The is designed so carefully that it looks like a completely normal website. There is not much on the page aside from the search box and search buttons(Both Web Search and Local Search buttons). For those who are not expert, may think that the search engine is safe to use, but he will be proved wrong shortly. Once he enters something in the search box he will be presented with unwanted results with Sponsored links and ads  added to them. In general, various ads, banners and pop-ups will appear everywhere you go online. Clicking on them would be a quite risky action as they may lead him to infectious web sites.


How comes, What it does in your PC and how to protect

Slick Savings-Dangerous Virus, Causes, Symptoms Removal Procedure

1. is particularly linked to Premium Installer and Optimum Installer.

2. usually comes bundled with other freeware.

3.    Downloading freeware from sites like cnet, softonic and others like sites may mostly comes with potentially unwanted programs.

4.    The download managers like PC Optimizer Pro, YTDownloader, and many more may promote unwanted applications like.

5.    You need to be specially attentive during the installation process and it is better to always choose Custom or Advanced installation option whenever to install.

6.    If the browser hijacker has already been installed in your system, we remove it as soon as possible.

How to remove From your PC

Prevention is always considered to be better than cure, so having a good antivirus/malware is a better idea. If you are not having one get it. There are a number of free or trial antivirus/malware software and they work. It is clear that you should get rid of if you want to your browsers to work normal. To download and install a malware removal application is a better option. It will scan your system, detect all threats and delete and other potentially unwanted programs. The anti-malware utility will also keep on to work as a malware protection tool and safeguard your system from infections. To uninstall manually is another alternative, you can follow the steps given below.

Client Connect Ltd-A dangerous Malware-How to Detect Remove Precautions Removal from Windows XP/ Windows 7

Click Start>Control Panel.

For Win XP double click Add or remove programs

Click Uninstall a program in Win 7

Locate the unwarned software

Click Remove/Uninstall Removal from Windows 8


Click on Settings at the bottom right and go to Control Panel

Select Uninstall a program

Locate and Remove the unwanted application

How to Clean Internet Explorer from

Press Alt+T and open Manage add-ons

Remove in Search providers

Go back to Tools (Alt+T) and open Internet options

Change the home page on the General tab

How to Clean Mozilla Firefox from

How to prevent remove potentially harmful unwanted malware Settings Manager

Click on the search provider icon

Select Manage Search engines


Press Alt+T and select Options

Change your home page

How to Clean Google Chrome from

Click on the menu> Click Settings

Click Set pages under On startup

Set a new home page

Choose Manager search engines under Search

Delete and set search of your choice




  1. The Browser Hijacking Virus is really very harmful thanks for the good information

  2. The article Browser Hijacking Virus, It’s Actions and Removal really contains information about a really dangerous and harmful malware.