How to Resize Your All Post-Images in Blogger at a Time

How to Resize Your All Post-Images in Blogger at a Time
Unlike the limited free space provided by, the worlds largest blogging platform, provides a number of facilities free of cost like unlimited space for our blog posts including unlimited space for saving our blog post images and blog post Videos. Our blog post images are saved at and blog post videos are saved at and both the services are free of cost. You are allowed to create a backup of all your blog post images saved at You are also allowed to resize all your blog posts images saved at If we have a large number of images in your blog posts, it will be difficult to resize them individually, but you can resize them all at a time by making a minor change in your blog’s HTML file. Just follow the following simple steps to resize your all blog posts images at a time automatically-

 Go to Blogger Dashboard>Click Template> and click Edit HTML. The HTML document will open.

Now you have to locate the following code in your template document.
Find ]]></b:skin>
To find the above HTML code click any where in the open HTML document and press CTRL+F
Now the HTML search box will open in the right hand corner of the HTML document.
Now copy the above code and paste it in the HTML search box and press Enter. The above code will be highlighted like this.
Find ]]></b:skin>
Now copy and paste this code just above the highlighted code.
.post-body img {
width: 480px!important;
height: auto!important; }

Important  -

1.    To increase or decrease the width change the value ‘480px’ to your desired value.
2.    ‘Height:auto’ is the default value, you can change it to your desired value in px.



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