How to Install Google Analytics code on your Blog/Website

How to Install Google Analytics code on your Blog/Website-Google analytics is indeed a complete account of your blog/website. It will display a large number of information about your blog/website. The word analytics is derived from analysis and it presents a complete analysis of your site/blog. It tracks all visitors form all sources like social medis, agreegators, search engines and direct visitors. This analytics software was developed by Urchin Software Corp. in April 2005 and later Google acquired it. Since then Google analytics went through constant improvements, and the modified version(asynchronous tracking code) is significantly more sensitive, accurate, and able to track even very micro activities on the website. For installing the Google Analytics Code on your website/Blog, first you need the code. To read how to get the Google Analytics Code and Tracking ID You can Visit-

You will Get your Google Analytics Tracking Code in the form of a small Java script snippet some thing like the one given below-

 Now You have to install it on Your Blog/website. To Install follow the following easy steps/procedure –
1.      Go to your blogger dash board>Template>Edit HTML and the HTML document will open.
2.      Click anywhere in side the Open HTML document and Open HTML search box by pressing “CTRL+F”.
3.      Find the closing tag of body by writing </body> in the search box and press Enter Key.
4.      The closing tag of body will be highlighted like the one given below-
 Now copy your google analytics code and paste it just above </body>. Please note that you have to copy and paste the code inside the red frame only.

Click Save Template and that is all.

How to check correct Installation of Google Analytics code

To check the installation go back to your analytics page an refresh. If it is not installed correctly a messane to this effect will appear there.


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