Secure Your Windows XP PC-Laptop After Microsoft Support Ended

Secure Your Windows XP PC-Laptop After Microsoft Support Ended
Since April 8, 2014 Microsoft has officially declared WindowsXP as  retired, and henceforth users of it will cease to receive online updates or any type of online support. On April 8,  2014 the  two final security fixes fixing two critical security flaws which may have allowed hackers to remotely execute code were received. Windows XP was so liked by the users that even after the end of support a large number of users are still using it. If you are using Microsoft WindowsXP, you have to act fast now. Though you can, continue using WindowsXP on your PC as usual,  but it may be at a high risk to your computer security and privacy.  The next step to come is to end support to various apps. 

You Are able to Install existing Microsoft Security updates

Microsoft has confirmed that all existing security updates for Windows XP will still be available even the  support officially ends, means you will  be able to download and install all existing security Update after the 8th April 2014, too. So if you re-install Windows XP, you can still apply all updates released up to  8th April, 2014 by Microsoft in order to make the base operating system as secure as it could have been on 8th April 2014.

Make a custom XP disc with SP3 and all updates pre-applied

Though Microsuft says that all the updates released up to 8th April, 2014, will always be available on their website  to download and install manually but people using Windows XP are still worried that Microsoft is at liberty to change it’s policy to stop this facility at any time. In such case you will stop to get or harder to get these updates and the best alternative for you is to prepare a CD with all updates and Service Pack 3installed.

Microsoft Security Essentials Not Reliable

Microsoft Security essentials is a free package included in the Windows XP and Microsoft says they will update it till July 2015. This is said to be working like an anti virus but it’s results are not appreciable and one must not depend on it at all.

Install a quality Anti-Virus/Internet Security software

You will need to install a high quality security software(An Anti-Virus/Internet Security for Net users) to  combat flaws in Windows XP  and avoid unwanted  exploitation. This may  help to negate the effect of no updates because the Anti-Virus software developers also try their best to fight cyber criminals.  Free and premium, both editions of  the Anti-Virus/Internet Security software available on the internet. In my view, Avast internet security 2014, free edition will be sufficient, though a number of other security software are available and you can choose any one from them.

Keep each software updated

Not only Windows XP but all other software also need to be updated. Some of the software are updated automatically by it’s vendor by sending periodical updates but others need to be updated manually so please be careful to keep all the software updated by frequent checks. There are updating software available free of cost. These will automatically scan all applications installed on your system and check for apdates frequently and install the updates as and when these are available. You can try Update Notifier OR SecuniaPSI.

Keep all your Drivers Up to date

The Cyber Crimimals can more easily attack Drivers, therefore always keep them up to date. A number of free tools are available on the internet to check your system drivers and intimate you whenever an upgraded version of the driver is available. Please note that every up dater is note dependable but I believe Device Doctor and you can also use it if you believe it.

Stop Using Windows Internet Explorer Earlier to Version 9

Microsoft updates it’s internet explorer 9 or later version only therefore it is time to change over to a newer version of windows internet Explorer. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox may be a better choice, both the Google Chrome and Firefox are continuously updated for Windows XP, so you can download the latest version  of these.

Disable Java Add On in your Browser

Recently Java has been reported big security failures in its security thus causing a lot of problems. Therefore, it will be better to disable Java in your browser.

Use a limited Account

Using a limited account is also a way to use windows XP Securely. These accounts can neither install nor they can remove any software. These account will not allow the user to change setting or make any changes. Thus a Limited account also means that software you encounter can not do any of the installation or removal.



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