Permalinks-Default permalinks and Custom Permalinks

Permalinks-Default permalinks and Custom Permalinks

While creating a new blog posting, we need to create a link to that particular post. This link is called the permalink. The word permalink is derived from words permanent link. In fact permalink is a link to a particular blog post and not to the whole blog. Not to use a permalink is a bad practice. Permalink is important because if you need to link your post to another post you can not do it without a permalink. As  you create a new blog post, it appears at the top of your main blog page and the other posts are shown below it in accordance with their date of creation/posting. Your readers always look for some thing new and interesting and the thing your readers are interested may have been listed at the bottom of the page or it may  already have gone in the archives, means your reader have no idea, where they can find the entry, they are interested in. 

If Some one clicks your site to see a specific post related to a specific herb and they find a different item at that link and not the real article they expected. Your readers may not have enough time to search for the article further because whatever you have written may has been already written on a number of other blogs or sites and they may not need to take the time to find the post your readers are looking for. Though all the blog hosts do not hold permalinks a unique way but all of them have one or other way to handle the permalinks. 

For example in a blogger blog it is actually the real post title with year and month of it’s posting, in typepad blogs permalink is given under each post and in other blogs also the permalink is mostly the title of that particular post and the year and month of posting are included.

What is a Default Permalink

Whenever you create a new post or write an article you have to follow a predefined standard procedure to upload it to the web. During this process you will be given a link under which the article is published. During this process you will have an option to change the link of your own choice. If you do not opt to use this choice the system of your host will automatically generate a link to this post and displayed. This link generated automatically is called the default permalink. You must copy it and save it to your hard drive. This link generated automatically does not give you a choice to use any key words and will be generated based on your post title. Thus we can say that a permalink automatically generated is a default permalink.

What is a Custom Permalink

While creating a new post when you click the link/permalink you will have two options (1) Automatic Permalink (2) Custom Permalink. If you want to create your own Permalink then clock Custom Permalink. Now you will be given a choice to create a permalink of your own. In Custom Permalink you will have an option to use your desired key words. This permalink created by you is called the Custom Permalink.


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