Google Search Short Cuts-OneBox is the GemBox

Google Search Short Cuts-OneBox is the GemBox

Google short cuts results provided by an arrangement called  OneBox hidden behind the search. Google gives you the answer with definitions to your search—or a miniature, interactive tool to continue your search. With the OneBox results you can instantly get the weather report and Forecast, learn about medication , Information about artists and musicians, Game schedules, Scores and records, even find release dates of forth coming movies, Flight schedules and much more. You can say a smartest person is present with you who is equipped with all relevant information You need-
(1)  Translate a word, Phrase or Sentense Instantly
Google Translate is very useful for translating large volume of text, but You can translate single words right from the search bar by typing "translate [word] into [language]." For example, to translate "Elephant" from English to Hindi, type, "translate elephant into hindi." You can also translate simple sentences. For instance, "translate the elephants ate my neighbor’s crops into hindi," will result in " हाथी मेरे पडौसी की फसल खा गये."
 (2)  Find Definitions of Word and Synonyms
If you want to find the definition, synonyms, or pronunciation of a word quickly, type the word in the search box. For many words, Google will automatically display a quick definition, pronunciation, and a list of common synonyms. But If Google does not do it automatically, type "define" before the word.
(3)  Get Instant Artist Musician and Film details
If you Want to know about  a film star a films  director or actor, Just type "[artist] [movies or album’s name]" into the search box and you will instantly get a list of what they did. For musicians, you can also search "[Singer artist name] song s" to get a list of their popular songs.
(4)  Find expected Release Dates of a Movies
If you Want to know when a movie is going to be released? Type "[name of the movie ] release date" and you will get the result. Movies automatically show the release date, but if want to know the release date of dvd also, you can add "dvd" to get the DVD release date. This search works for both upcoming and past releases.
(5)  Find Current Movie Show times
To quickly find movie show times in your area, type "[name of movie] [zip code of the city]" into the search box and you will get results for theaters close to you. If you don't have a particular movie in mind, you can also just type "movie [zip code of the city]" and get a list of everything being played in your area (if Google knows your location you can just type "movie").
(6)  Instantly Find Simple Statistical Information of an area
For all your search you want to get detailed information. For information about an area you can search dates like "[name of famous person] death," certain stats like, "[mountain] elevation," or even population with, "[city] population." Essentially, if you're searching for anything that has a number attached to it, you can often search for it directly.
(7)  Find the Current Time in Any City of the world
You can find current time of any city in the world on Google Search. Write "time [city name]," and you get current time in any city. To find detailed results, type  "time [country name]" you will get a full list of the time zones of the desired country. You can also get sunrise and sunset times by typing "sunrise [city name]," or "sunset [city name]."
(8)  Find the Score of Any Current Sports or Game
If you want to know the search any sports team name to get the current score, and upcoming games. You only need to type the name. For instance, "Bombay Indians"  and you will get the recent scores, records, standings, win percentage, and upcoming games etc.
(9)  Find Important Upcoming Events or Holidays
If you want to know the forth coming important events like the General Elections, The world Cup Olympics, etc), search for "[year] [Event name or title]."
(10)  Get a Five Day weather Forecast of Any City
If you want to know weather forecast of any city in the world, type in the Google Search "weather [city name]" and you get a five day forecast for the city you typed.
(11)  Convert Units of Measure
You can search for converting any unit to other unit like Pound to Kilo, Mile to Kilometer and so on. Unit conversions are handy here. Just Type "[number] [unit] into [unit] like “10 Miles into Kilo Meters." It works with any type of measurement, including digital storage For Example, ("5 mb into kb"). If you need to bring up the unit converter directly, you can go to the unit converter.
(12)  Universal Calculator(Calculate Everything)
There is surprisingly a robust Google calculator, and to calculate just into the search box like "15+29" . Advanced calculations also work fine like "cos(pi) + 4.".  If your calculation needs  a graph to be displayed in result, simply add "graph" before the equation. You can also go directly to the calculator by just typing  "calculator".
(13)  Check Stock Prices
You can check the status of your stocks on Google Search. Search Google for the shortened stock name. For example, to find State Bank of India's current price, search "SBI.". You can also search like this"[name of company] stock.",  If you're not sure of the stock's name.
(14)  Currency Convertor
At Google Search you can get an up-to-date currency convertor. At Google Search it is as simple as typing "[number] [currency] to [currency]." For example, to get the conversion rate of US dollars into Japanese Yen, Just Type “5 usd to yen”.
(15)  Easily Find a Medication and Drugs Information
At Google Search you can Search for a detailed information about any Drug by giving it,s name like Insulin, Penicillin etc. and Google will display a quick description with links to side effects, directions, precautions, and everything.
(16)  Basic Health Condition Search on Google
You can search for common health conditions on Google. Type any health condition like diabetes, asthma etc) and you will get a quick synopsis of the condition. This information will be displayed as available at the U.S. National Library of Medicine. You can also type the symptoms if don't know the name of the condition,. For instance, "Headache in left half of the head " Google will display a list of possible conditions like migraine etc.
(17)  Travel Planner
You need not to go through the Google map. If you want to get a quick time estimate or overview of the drive, type "[current address] to [new address]" and Google will give you a quick look at the directions and drive time and distance.
(18)  Information on Local Restaurants, Hotels and Businesses
You can find all hotels and restaurants in your area. Just type  "[type of restaurant] [your zip code]" and you get a list of all places near you, including review scores. A map will also be displayed on the right side.
(19)  Flight Status information
You need not to wander on an airline's web site to know the current status of a specific flight. Just type "[airline name] [flight number]" into Google and you get instantly the Flight Stats. If you can also find the flight cost, by just typing, "flights from [city] to [city]".



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