Microsoft OneDrive-SkyDrive-A Beginer’s Guide

Microsoft OneDrive-SkyDrive-A Beginer’s Guide

Windows cloud storage Drive SkyDrive since rebrandd as “OneDrive” is a facility to store your valuable files and data at the server of ‘Microsoft. You can use these data at any time and from any where and on various devices. Microsoft allows a free storage upto 7 GB to every member. Additional of 3 GB is allowed to those upload pictures from there Mobile/Smartphones. If a friend of yours is referred by you becomes member, you will and your friend both will get 500 MB of extra storage. One can get this benefit for seven times Maximum. Thus you can store a total of 1o.g GB of data and files and 3 GB of Photos in addition if uploaded from a mobile/smart Phone.
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What is Microsoft One Drive

OneDrive(Previously SkyDrive) is a cloud storage facility free of cost up to 7 GB with your Microsoft account. Extra Storage is available on premium. It’s like an additional hard drive which is handy, available all times from any of the devices at any where, thus your files and data are always with you. You no longer need to transfer files from your home to office and office to home, you need not carry copies of data in an extra Hard Disk or a USB flash drive. You can get to your files on SkyDrive from any where.

Microsoft SkyDrive vs OneDrive and Rebranding

The “SkyDrive” was renamed as “OneDrive” following a trade mark dispute in a UK court of law. The new brand ‘OneDrive’ is somewhat improved version.

Plans and Features of OneDrive

1.    7 GB free for all
2.    3 GB  additional free for pictures if uploaded from a Mobile/Smart Phone
3.    500 MB additional free if a member referred by other member joins(Maximum 7 Times)
4.    50 GB  for 16 British pounds per year
5.    100 GB for 32 British pounds per year
6.    200 GB for 64 British pounds per year

How to Join Microsoft OneDrive

To join Microsoft SkyDrive you must have a Microsoft account. A profile registered in Hotmail, MSN, or Outlook will do. Go to THE Site of OneDrive and signup, download the application software and install.

Now your Microsoft “OneDrive” is ready. You can upload files pictures, Data from your PC, Mobile or Tablet etc. You can use up to 7 GB space at OneDrive and access it any time from any where.



  1. In my view some of the cloud storages are very popular and OneDrive is one of them. Others in my view are GoogleDrive and yahoo's Dropbox

  2. Yes, this is a very good service provided without any cost by a prestigious company the microsoft corporation