Glimpse-The Safest and easiest way to share your location

Glimpse-The Safest and easiest way to share your location
If you use a Smart phone and want to share your location  with someone in real time while on move or away from your house or office, Glympse is the easiest and safest way. For this purpose you will need to activate Global Positioning System, Internet and location service in your smart  phone. You can also set a timer while sending your location and your message will automatically disappear on expiry of the time fixed by you thus it is quite safe.  It is Global, works anywhere if GPS and a data connection is available. No sign-up or social network is required to manage. It gives Approximate (network-based) location, precise (GPS and network-based) location. The recipients receive a link allowing them to view your location and ETA in real-time for the length of time you choose and do not need any special software to view a Glympse. Glympse works on all phones and tablets running Android 2.1 or newer, windows phone, blackberry and iphone. 
 If you prefer to use a Google Voice number to send SMS messages, you can use the “share via” button in the “Send a Glympse” page and choose a different program to send the Glympse invite. Glympse allows you to save a favorite Glympse to your desktop for quick access. When you send a Glympse to someone, you can choose to send via an SMS text message, send  an email, post to Facebook, post to Twitter, copy to your clipboard, or send to another application on your phone. Glimpse is available to download free of charge from Google play store.


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