DDoS Attacks, Zombie, Botnet

DDoS Attacks, Zombie, Botnet -Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS is an attack using malcode by hackers to attack legitimate users  to make their  resources like websites, networks, e-mail, voicemail irresponsive. This is done by a cyber criminal by using a large group of computing devices controlled remotely to dispatch traffic floods on the target user. The targeted user becomes annoyed due to uncontrollable traffic and finds himself unable to respond even legitimate mails or requests. The excessively increased traffic causes the system overloaded and thus the system stops responding causing long delays or outages. Such attacks cause considerable damages to the target. The DDoS attacks come from a large number of computers controlled by the hacker at a time. As they come from a large number of computers at once hence called the distributed attacks. First the hacker installs a Trojan in a large number of computers without the user’s knowledge and all such Trojan infected computers become active at once as per the hacker’s command.

What is a Zombie

The Trojan/Virus infected computers follow the instructions of the hacker given remotely and called the Zombies.

What is a Botnet

The Zombies are  very large in numbers and work as a network therefore it is called the Botnet(Robot network)

Your Computer may also be a Zombie

You might not notice or sometimes notice that your computer is slow or not as fast as usual. This may be due to your computer may be busy participating one or more DDoS attacks in one side and you are using it simultaneously. Thus your computer may also be working as a Zombie and participating the DDos attack without your knowledge and may be part of a Botnet.

DDoS or Infection may cause internet connection drop outs.

Sometimes you may notice that your internet connection is dropping at frequent intervals. This may be due to the virus infection and your ISP(Internet Service Provider) may be dropping your connection as your computer is sending unusual and uncontrollable number of service requests at a time.

What is a Zombie Command and Control Server

Instructions to a Zombie or the botnet are given by a hacker through an infected command and computer server. Some of them have recruited Zombies also in their botnets to launch 

DDoS attacks. Over 4000 command-and-control servers and 10 million plus zombies worldwide have been tracked so far and the law enforcement agencies are working to check them.


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