What to do if you face a criminal attack in an ATM Booth

What to do if you face a criminal attack in an ATM Booth

With the increased use of technology, the cyber criminals have also developing their parallel empire. ATM Card Cloning, ATM Card Skimming and PIN tempering are some of the tricks commonly used in ATM frauds. These tricks need a highly skilled person and they commit frauds difficult to trace, but the recent incident of Bangalore city revealed that the criminal hardly knew more about the ATM technology. The Bangalore Police revealed that, Before this incident he had already killed a lady in another ATM Booth. The astonishing thing is that the victim herself was the manager of that ATM. Why she did not know the tricks or she may have surrendered to the nervousness of her mind. Any way here is what we must do –
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If you are hijacked with your ATM(Automated Teller Machine) Card in an ATM Booth, you can not only save your money, even life but can put the culprit in his right place(The Jail). The only thing you have to do is, never oppose him and keep following his orders. When he says you to withdraw money you put your ATM card in the ATM Card slot as usual without any hesitation. Now he will say you to enter PIN(Personal Identification Number) Here begins your most important and the only role. Here you have to enter your PIN in reverse order. Suppose your PIN is “2345”  then you enter “5432”. The machine will do the rest.

Now, as the Machine receives a reverse PIN, it will come into action and act usually as if it is going to pay you. It will show you the cash gripped very hard and in a way that you can see it but can not take away. During this process the automatic security system will activate and send calls to the nearest Police Station, The Flying Squad(The Police Patrol Van of the area), his branch manager and his mail server. After this The door will be closed and the system will shut down automatically.(For all this activity the system security data like phone numbers must be entered and stored in the software and the system must be kept up to date by the Bank to tackle such situations automatically by the machine him self)



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