ENIAC-The First Computer of the World

 ENIAC-The First Computer of the World

 Yes, the first computer was named as “ENIAC”(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) and was designed in United States of America  by a team of experts of The United States Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory led by Major General Gladeon Marcus Barnes of the United States Army Ordnance Corps as it was primarily needed by the US artillery to calculate artillery firing tables. Project was financed by the Research and Development Command of the U.S. Army. It was supervised by the office of the Chief of Ordnance U S Army.  During  second World War a  secret Construction contract was  signed with Moore School of Electrical Engineering Pennsylvania on 05 June 1943. The project named “Project px” was declared successfully completed and dedicated to the US Republic in the evening of 14 February 1946. The astonished press named it as a “Giant Brain”. This was first programmable machine of the world and after refurbishing in 1947 remained fully operational till 1955.
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The machine “ENIAC”(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was 100 feet long,  8 feet high on a 3 feet base occupying a total base area of about 1800 square feet.


Approximate weight of the machine was 27250 Kg.


Cost of The machine “ENIAC”(Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was roughly $ 500,000 ( approximately $ 7,000,000 or Rs-437000000-00 today)


Initially the machine’s calculation capability included add and subtract twenty ten -digit decimal number and later divider, square root, multiplier, Reader, Printing with the help of punched cards), and accumulators were  developed. The machine  was capable of 5000 calculations per second.

Power Consumption

The machine consumed 150 Kilo Watt of power to become fully functional. It was established in Philadelphia and whenever the power in the houses dimmed the people used to say that the “ENIAC” has been switched on.



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