LG Compact Photo Printer Model No-PD-233 – Success is doubtful

LG Compact Photo Printer Model No-PD-233 – Success is doubtful

The LG Compact Photo Printer Model No-PD-233 product code-30794913 has just been launched in the Indian Market............
This pocket photo printer(Size 7.24X12.09X2.4 CM) is a mobile photo printer. Having Bluetooth and NFC, it gives maximum resolution of 313 dpi. It’s 500mA Li-Polymer, 7.4V battery once charged for 90 minutes can work for 25 prints. Ordinary papers will not work and a specific quality of paper is needed. This iOS Mobile, iOS PAD, Android Mobile compatible printer prints a Photo in 40-50 seconds and maximum pictures 1000.
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This Printer costs Rs-14990-00 which will be over Rs-17000-00 after taxes and other levies.

The so called Inkless printer will proove costlier, because the zinc papers are very costly and not available every where. A 2”X3” print will cost Rs-50-00 plus.
The basic cost Rs-17000-00 plus and Rs-50-00 plus, cost of a 2”X3” print can not at all be justifiable.


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  1. Among the printers in the market today, LG is my preferred brand. it fits my budget and gives me the quality I want from printouts.