Thyroid Disorders- Check it yourself

Thyroid Disorders- Check it yourself

A butterfly shaped gland  in our neck just below our throat is called the thyroid. It has a vital roll in our body  to function in a normal way. It Generates the triiodothyronine and Thyroxin(Known commonly as T3 and T4) hormone. These hormones control our metabolism and convert what we eat in to energy.Thyroid disorders are common all over the world but it is growing fast in India. It’s effect are widely discussed in an article published in the Indian Journal of  Endocrinology and metabolism which says about 42000000 people are suffering from one or another disease of the thyroid which is really alarming. Hypothyroidism(An under active Thyroid), Hyperthyroidism(An over active Thyroid), Iodine Deficiency Disorder and  hashimoto’s disease are very common.In comparison with male, this problem is more common in females. 

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A large number of thyroid cases are reported all over the world. Possibility of Thyroid disorders is  10 times high in women in comparison with men according to the  American Association of clinical Endocrinologists. The main problem with this disorder is that before it shows any symptom, the condition is much deteriorated.
Immediately consult your doctor if you see any of these symptoms.

1.    Your hunger is considerably increased and  you have started to eat more without any change in your routine activities.
2.    Feeling difficulties to concentrate on a particular thing.
3.    Your interest in sex is decreased of finished totally.
4.    You feel tense without any specific reason.
5.    You do not feel relaxed in the morning besides sound sleep overnight.
6.    You feel dryness in skin.
7.    Increased blood pressure
8.    Irregular periods
9.    Constipation or any disorder in digestion system.
10. Increase in sleeping habits.
11. Sudden increase in cholesterol level.
12. Change in voice.
13. Over sweating.
14. Problem in conception
15. Increased weight.
(The above facts are based on my knowledge and study. Do not take these as an authority or a medical advice. Please consult your doctor in all cases.)


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  1. Thyroid – In my view all diseases related to thyroid gland are curable at present if treated properly and in time but if neglected. This may prove dangerous and can spoil ones life.