QR Code (The Quick Response Code)-Can it replace Barcode

QR Code (The Quick Response Code)-Can it replace Barcode

Now a days we all see a square containing squiggly images, some thick lines some small squares within it looking like an indoor children game or a puzzle on many packages in the market. Initially it’s use was started in Japan for tracking car parts, but now its use has been much increased. Even train tickets are marked with a QR Code in China. All most we all do not notice it but this rectangular image contains every thing about the thing in side the pack. Though human eyes can not read the contents behind it but the image reader can read and display the information on the screen within a fraction of second. The Quick Response code on an product/package will look like the one below -                             
                                  A simple QR Code-Source-wikipedia.org
This rectangular group of codes is called The Quick Response code commonly QR code. Before the invention of QR code the Bar code was in use but Bar code had it’s own limit of 20 Digits maximum and Toyota, a major car manufacturer of Japan was facing difficulties with  bar code. Then the responsibility to get rid of this problem was solved by their subsidiary company Denso, in 1994.
Where Bar code was limited to 20 digits, QR code was capable of responding more than 7000 number or about 4300 alphanumeric character thus almost 350 times of the barcode.
Though in the beginning, reading of the QR code was possible with the dedicated reader but now with the use of QR code in marketing, the reading of QR code has also been going to be easy. Some smart phones have capacity  not only to read but create QR codes with the help of software available on line. i-nigma QR code, QR Scanner and Quickmark-QR Code and many more software are available online at a very low or at no cost.


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