Mobile Phone - Safety tips-Battery Life-radiation effects

Mobile Phone - Safety tips-Battery Life-radiation effects

Market is full of Mobile Phone Hand set and new features com all the time. With each new feature battery consumption is increased. Manufacturers try their best to control consumption and extend the battery life but every thing has a limit.

Mobile Phone Safety Tips 

1.      Always use left ear to receive or make calls on mobile phone.
2.      Always keep the mobile Phone in Right Pocket of your shirt.
3.      If you receive a call while you are driving/riding , either ignore it or stop on road side to respond it. Never speak while on move.
4.      At night while sleeping, switch off your phone or place it at least 5 feet away from your body.
5.      As the battery of the mobile phone goes down the radiation around the hand set increases. This may go as high a 1000 times of normal if the battery is critically  down so never use mobile in a discharged condition.
6.      Never disclose your information  to an unknown person.
7.      If some one says that he is speaking the service engineer or a technician from your service provider’s net work and asks you to press some specific keys on your hand set please be alert, never act on his instructions  and report the matter immediately to your service provider. Certainly he is a fraud because your service provider himself is capable of doing  everything at his own server without your consent. You may loss your balance and sometimes even your sim card.
8.      Charge your battery in time.
9.      Never over Charge the battery, it will affect the battery life.
10.  Keep minimum applications active to save battery life.
11.  Listening to music consumes maximum battery.
12.  Earphone is dangerous to your ears and even brain.



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