Mammoth-Facts and how they disappeared from the earth

Mammoth-Facts and how they disappeared from the earth

What is a mammoth

Mammoth was an elephant, larger that even modern time African elephant. Why I said was ? Yes this is a million dollar question but it is true that it does not exist on the earth today and lost its existence about 30000 years ago.

Mammoth vs Elephant

Mammoth was larger than the elephants, It had a thick furry skin and curved teeth larger than elephants.

Various Opinions about mammoth

A DNA research carried out by scientist on about 300 remains of mammoth revealed that mammoth were present in a large number in Europe and came to an end about 30000 years ago. The results of the research have been published by the Royal Society.
Previously the researchers were of the opinion that the strong and tough mammoth were in plenty of numbers and grown well on the earth but the study of prominent scientist and researcher Dr.Love Danel changed the old theory.Dr.Love Danel’s team carried out a research on about 300 species and tried to find out that how many mammoths lived together at a particular time and how they moved from one place to another.
About 120000 years ago while the temperature of the earth increased, the mammoth trenched in a situation to disappear and their number came down to less than 10000, but when an ice era came their number increased considerably. Researchers found that their disappearance started about 20000 ago when the ice era was on it’s prime and not before 14000 years when the earth’s temperature increased again. Due to excessive cold the grass on which the mammoth were depending was minimum.and forests developed instead.

 How the mammoth disappeared

Some researchers believe that the route cause of the disappearance of the mammoth was changing climate but others believe that they were killed by the human in a large number thus they came an end but the matter of disappearing the mammoth has always been  a matter of discussion in the scientists.
Those believing in climate change a major cause argue that the temperature of the earth was increased much before their end so the climate change can not be the cause of their end, New researches revealed that mammoths disappeared between the ice ages supports the opinion that climate change was the major cause of disappearance of mammoths. Some scientists that hunting may be cause but not the principal cause. Some important activity like eastern mammoth replaced European mammoth about 20000-50000 years ago, are also to be considered. Their existence suddenly stared to decrease, They started to decrease from the main areas first and then from the outer islands, which supports the climate change to be the cause.


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  1. mammoth – The claim of the scientists may me bases on their imaginations otherwise such huge animals with such huge fir, how they disappeared of heavy rains and cold where as many small animals survived.