Google Chrome-Useful add on– Hola-Have you tried it

Google Chrome-Useful a
dd on– Hola-Have you tried it

In a large number of countries where there is no freedom or a limited freedom  of  expression, where there is a type of govt. other than democracy, a dictatorship or a monarchy the administration tries it’s best to support the media(Print or electronic), tries its best to curb the public’s access to internet. Even in some big business houses some sites are blocked for administrative reasons. In this process they block a number of web sites. For example  the sites like Pandora, Netflix, hulu are limited to US only, Facebook is blocked in many countries, Twitter is blocked in many countries, China has blocked the largest number of sites even a site like Wikipedia is blocked in china. This is a hopeless situation when a site on which you had a number of friend, followers and you were following a number of friends is blocked.
An easy to use add-on in Google Chrome may prove very helpful in this situation and lets you get access to such blocked sites. In fact  It works like a VPN service hiding technical information from the end user. Access to the blocked sites can easily restored by just clicking the hola icon and it requires no configuration. You can use hola to hide your IP address also.


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  1. Hola - सामान्य लोगों को तो ऐसी कोई समस्या आती नहीं होगी अगर कोई विशेश आदमी कोई विशेश साइट देखने का इरदा रखते हों तो बात दूसरी है ।