Facebook-Severe threats from this US Govt. tool you need to know.

Facebook-Severe threats from this US Govt. tool you need to know-Every body reading this article on face book may be using facebook in one or another way for any or many purposes. It is strange that inspite of regular  use, no body is worried to know about it’s reality. No body has a minute or a few minutes to read  the agreement at the time of joining and the frequent  updates/amendments/additions received from them from Facebook. Even I have not read any thing about their terms and conditions so far. Facebook is taking full advantage of this ignorance of the users.Peopple are very anxious to get facebook likes but do you know “Facebook likes”  are on sales at a very cheap. There are countless sites who sale at a very unbelievable rates like 500 or more per US dollar.

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 In the beginning of this week there was a news on BBC Hindi that a video and a picture published Facebook became the cause suicide by a Canidian teenager(See full Storey). Though later facebook apologized for the incident, but can this apology return her life to the innocent teenager and their daughter to the parents. 

In an on line poll organized by http://www.remnantofgod.org on the question whether a page to be made on facebook, 75% people voted against it.

List of dangerous activities is so long that if I write it fully it will take a number of days so  please get full details here.

Facebook found to sale personal information to advertiserswithout their consent and EUROPEAN COMMISSIO is going to take action against it. People do not think on the point that why the datas are being collected.


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  1. Facebook- यह तो साफ दिखता है कि Facebook में कुछ तो गडबड अवश्य है वर्ना कोई फ्री में इतनी सुविधायें देता ह क्या और क्यों देगा ?